Mineral Production Increases by 10.7% in July

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Sep 28: The index of mineral production of the mining and quarrying sector for the month of July 2023 (Base: 2011-12=100) at 111.9, is 10.7 % higher as compared to the level in the month of July 2022. As per the provisional statistics of the Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM), the cumulative growth for the period April- July over the corresponding period of the previous year is 7.3 %. 

Production level of important minerals in July 2023 were: Coal 693 lakh tonne, Lignite 32 lakh tonne, Natural gas (utilized) 3062 million cu. m., Petroleum (crude) 25 lakh tonne, Bauxite 1477 thousand tonne, Chromite 280 thousand tonne, Copper conc. 10 thousand tonnes, Gold 102 kg, Iron ore 172 lakh tonne, Lead conc. 30 thousand tonnes, Manganese ore 217 thousand tonnes, Zinc conc. 132 thousand tonnes, Limestone 346 lakh tonne, Phosphorite 120 thousand tonnes and Magnesite 10 thousand tonnes,.

Important minerals showing positive growth during July 2023 over July 2022 include: Chromite (45.9%), Manganese Ore (41.7%), Coal (14.9%), Limestone(12.7%), Iron Ore (11.2%), Gold (9.7%), Copper Conc. (9%), Natural gas (U) (8.9%), Lead Conc. (4.7%), Zinc Conc. (3.6%), Magnesite (3.4%) and Petroleum(crude) (2.1%) and Other important minerals showing negative growth include: Lignite(-0.7%), Bauxite (-3.2%), Phosphorite (-24.7%) and Diamond (-27.3%).

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