6th Edition of the NeSDA

Sep 25: Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances (DARPG) has released the sixth edition of National e-Governance Service Delivery Assessment (NeSDA) – Way forward Monthly Report for States/UTs, which provides a detailed overview of status of e-service delivery across States/UTs.

The August monthly report sets a baseline for number of e-services and mandatory e-services provided by States/UTs on NeSDA – Way Forward dashboard. It also underlines the saturation of e-services provided through the State’s/UT’s single unified service delivery portal. Moreover, the report assesses and compares the e-services under labour and employment sector and highlights the state-specific opportunities to transition offline services to online platforms

Key highlights of the Report for the month of August, 2023 are as follows:


  • 14,736 e-services are provided across States/UTs, which is an increase of 6.2% (869) services from July Report
  • 1,505 out of 2,016 mandatory e-services (56*36 States/UTs) are available, making saturation at 74.6%
  • Maximum number of e-services (5,502) lie in sector – local governance & utility services
  • 61% i.e., 22 out 36 States/UTs have achieved saturation of mandatory e-services in tourism sector. This is followed by environment sector 53% i.e., 19 out of 36 States/UTs
  • Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala and Odisha provide 100% of their services through their identified Single Unified Service Delivery Portal i.e., e-UNNAT (1028)e-Sevanam (911) and Odisha One (404),respectively

e-Services in Labour and Employment Sector

  • 1,368 e-services are mapped under labour and employment sector
  • Identified sub-themes of e-services under labour and employment sector are
    • 413 e-services under Industry/Factory
    • 362 e-services under Workers and Labour Acts
    • 297 e-services under Employment related
    • 276 e-services under Labour Scheme Beneficiaries
    • 20 e-services under Other
  • Haryana provides the maximum e-services in the sector (149), which is followed by Tamil Nadu (96) and Jharkhand (89)
  • Out of 26 types of distinct e-services identified under the sector, Haryana (21) provides the maximum types of e-services and is followed by Meghalaya (19)

Best Practices

  • The Government of Bihar has launched a web-based Child Labour Tracking System (CLTS) which facilitates case management of rescued child labourers
  • The Government of Gujarat has built Anubandham, that allows job seekers and job providers to connect through auto-matching, in a transparent and user-friendly manner
  • The Government of Rajasthan provides the single view of offerings of Rajasthan Single Sign On, Factories and Boilers Inspection Department, and the Government of India’s Ministry of Labour & Employment, on a unified platform
  • The Government of Uttarakhand provides employment opportunity to the unemployed youth in Uttarakhand through Rojgar Prayag portal

The aforementioned figures of e-services are uploaded by States/UTs on NeSDA – Way Forward dashboard, as of 05/09/2023. The department has categorised the mentioned e-services into various labour and employment specific sub-themes.

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