3rd meeting of EWG will be in Bhubaneswar

Apr 18: Secretary, of Higher Education, Shri K. Sanjay Murthy; Secretary Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Shri Atul Kumar Tiwari and Secretary Department of School Education & Literacy, Ministry of Education Shri Sanjay Kumar today held a curtain raiser press conference on the upcoming 3rd Education Working Group meeting and precursory events in Bhubaneswar.

While addressing the press conference Shri Murthy informed that the 3rd meeting of the Education Working Group will be held in Bhubaneswar from April 27-28, 2023 and the precursor events to the G20 Education Working Group Meetings would be held from April 23-26, 2023. A special exhibition on the theme of “Future of Work” will be organized and will be open to the public between April 23-25 and then on April 27 & 28.

Delegates from G20 countries will be attending these meetings. The programmes under the Education Working Group, selection of themes and ensuring reach to the youth of the country are being led by the vision and guidance of the Union Minister for Education and Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, he added. In the case of Odisha, where the theme is ‘Future of Work’, the activities are based on the vision that there should be widespread deliberations and effective outreach in every district on the emerging skilling requirements and the need for continuous skilling reskilling and up-skilling as relevant to the district.

While addressing the media Shri Atul Kumar Tiwari said that with ground-breaking advancements and digitization, the nature of work is witnessing a fundamental change. This change will also bring immense economic potential while augmenting productivity gains and stimulating growth.

He further said that the G20 nations are also experiencing this active evolution in several sectors and can only prepare the youth by equipping them with relevant skills, speed, and agility. Embracing this transformation and finding solutions for the most pressing issues related to the future of work, we look forward to the upcoming third meeting of the Education Working Group in Bhubaneshwar. The precursor events and an exhibition, bringing together experts, stakeholders, and thought leaders will help to explore a coordinated approach to prioritize reforms, reimagine learning, redefine talent and at the same time create frameworks for preparing social, political, and business leaders for future of work, he added.

Shri Sanjay Kumar spoke about the integration of skills in the school curriculum and equipping children with a range of future skills to set them on a course of lifelong learning. He informed me about the breakout session on ‘integration of skills in school curriculum’ in the workshop on the Future of Work between India and Singapore on 25th  April of the Working group meeting. The discussions will also be organised on ‘equipping children with a range of future skills’ to set them on a course of lifelong learning he added.  The Secretary also informed that as recommended under NEP 2020, exposure to skill Education from class 6 will be provided. It will be optional for classes 9 and 10 and compulsory for classes 11 and 12.

During the conference, it was informed that drawing inspiration from the Prime Minister’s call to make ‘Jan Bhagidari’ a strong element of India’s G20 Presidency, month-long events have commenced in the state of Odisha from April 1, 2023, which is also celebrated as “Utkal Dibasa” or “Odisha Day”. So far, 86,000 people have participated in the Jan Bhagidari events, such as Quiz contests, Essay competitions, Declamation contests, Yuva Samvad etc. Seminars have been organized on various topics related to the Future of Work like workshops on drone application in agriculture, the future of robotics, climate change impact on livestock productivity, the future of chemical engineering, decarbonization of aluminium production, – towards net zero, etc. Students from schools, ITIs, Polytechnics, colleges including engineering colleges, NSTI and beneficiaries of Jan Shikshan Sansthan (JSS) are participating in these events. These programmes and activities are Youth-Led and Women-Led. Engagement Groups of G20, viz., Startup 20, B20 etc. are also providing support to organize these events across the state.

Precursor events are being organized in collaboration with various institutions, such as IIT Bhubaneswar, IIM Sambalpur, Central University, NIT, IMMT Bhubaneswar, and Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. Deloitte. CII and USIBC are industry connects for various events. These week-long deliberations would focus on strengthening international collaboration and support in germinating a Framework for the Future of Work.

The structure of these events is as follows:

  1. Month-long ‘Jan Bhagidari’ events already commenced on April 1st
  2. Conference on Deep Tech with a focus on advanced technology in Future of Work on April 23rd
  3. Conference on Transforming Logistics for coastal economies with a Focus on Sustainability on April 24th
  4. |Workshop on Future of Work: Skill Architecture and Governance Models of India and Singapore on April 25th
  5. Seminar on Building Capacities for lifelong learning, in the Context of the Future of Work on April 26th
  6. Future of Work exhibition from April 23-25 & April 27-28
  7. 3rd G20 Education Working Group meeting from April 27th to April 28th

Mock G20 is being organized in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Democratic Leadership at Siksha Anusandhan (SOA) on April 21st, 2023. The Mock G20 will be organised on the theme of ‘Future of Work: Industry 4.0, Innovation and 21st Century Skills’ in the following format: 4 Delegates per team x 20 Countries (Total 80 students) plus 20 students representing International Organizations (IOs), multilateral institutions and invitee countries.

An Exhibition on Future of Work is a 6-day exhibition on the theme- ‘Future of Work’ as a side event to the 3rd Education Working Group meeting from 23rd April to 28th April 2023 at CSIR-IIMT Grounds (except on 26th April). A thirty-four thousand sq. ft exhibition area with 100+ stalls has been set up to provide a glimpse into the ‘future of work’. The exhibition has representation from industry, academia, civil society, government, etc. focusing on different aspects of the ‘future of work’ converging into a central idea of how we perceive- Work—worker and Workforce’ from the prism of emerging tech with an unprecedented, accelerated pace. The exhibition with an expected footfall of 50 thousand visitors will have experience zones focusing on the future of manufacturing, future of governance, future of learning, inclusive growth etc. giving live demos and immersive experiences leveraging interactive walls, Holographic displays, AR/VR solutions, 3-D printing, assistive technologies, etc.

The seminar on Deep Tech will have a panel discussion on (1) India’s prospects in the global semiconductor ecosystem (2) The World of Digitalization focusing on automation, deep tech, digital-first future, etc (3) New Age Startups with a focus on Deep Tech startups. This session will have senior leaders from the Industry, Government & academia

Seminar on Transforming Logistics for coastal economies with a focus on sustainability will have panel discussions on (1) enabling infrastructure for the future focusing on themes like PM Gati Shakti, Sagarmala, etc (2) Challenges posed by climate change focusing on coastal infrastructure, rising sea levels, etc.

Workshop on Future of Work: Skill Architecture and Governance Models of India and Singapore focuses on three-panel discussions (1) integration of skills in school education curriculum (2) Agile and resilient TVET ecosystem for creating future-ready workforce (3) Lifelong learning and skill recognition in the context of future of work. A structured Student-Industry-Academia discussion session has been planned. The key learnings from India and Singapore will be deliberated and an action plan will be developed for the 3 focus areas.

As the state of Odisha has a significant tribal population, a special focus would also be on the Tribes of Odisha and their products would be showcased during various events and programmes. As 2023 is the international year of Millets, a food festival where millets and local cuisines would be served to introduce the G20 delegates and participants to India’s traditional food.

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