100th G20 Meeting During India’s G20 Presidency

Apr 18: India celebrates a key milestone in its G20 Presidency today, with the hosting of its 100th G20 meeting, the Meeting of Agricultural Chief Scientists (MACS) in Varanasi. The 2nd Health Working Group in Goa, the 2nd Digital Economy Working Group in Hyderabad and the Space Economy Leaders’ Precursor Meeting in Shillong are also being held today.

Following the handover of the G20 Presidency to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi at the G20 Bali Summit on 16 November 2022, India’s year-long G20 Presidency commenced on 1 December 2022 and would continue until 30 November 2023. Earlier on 8 November 2022, Prime Minister launched the G20 logo and unveiled India’s G20 Presidency theme – “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”- “One Earth. One Family. One Future”. Designed in the colours of India’s national flag, the G20 logo symbolizes our pro-planet approach and growth amidst challenges.

The Group of Twenty (G20) comprises 19 countries (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Türkiye, United Kingdom, and the United States) and European Union. The G20 members represent around 85% of the global GDP, over 75% of the global trade, and about two-thirds of the world population.

In-person participation during India’s G20 Presidency is among the largest ever. Over 12,300 delegates, from over 110 nationalities have attended G20-related meetings so far. This includes participation from G20 members, 9 invitee countries and 14 international organizations. As of date, the 100 G20 meetings have been held in 41 cities, covering 28 States and Union Territories. Meetings are being organized across the length and breadth of India with the full support and participation of State Governments and Union Territories. During our Presidency, India will be hosting foreign delegates for over 200 G20-related meetings in around 60 cities across India, the widest geographical spread in any G20 Presidency. All 13 Sherpa Track Working Groups, 8 Finance Track Workstreams, 11 Engagement Groups and 4 Initiatives have embarked on substantive interactions. A new Working Group on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), a new Engagement Group “Startup 20” and a new Initiative Chief Science Advisers’ Roundtable (CSAR) have been operationalized in our G20 Presidency. The 11 Engagement Groups provide a platform for dialogue among the private sector, academia, civil society, youth and women, as well as institutions including the Parliaments, audit authorities and urban administrations.

To date, three Ministerial meetings have been held. The first Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting (FMCBG) was held in Bengaluru on 24-25 February 2023, the G20 Foreign Ministers Meeting (FMM) was held in New Delhi on 1-2 March 2023, and the second FMCBG meeting was held in Washington DC on 12-13 April 2023. Two Sherpa Meetings have been held in Udaipur (4-7 December 2022) and Kumarakom (30 March – 2 April 2023). The FMCBG, FMM and Sherpa meetings saw the record, high-level in-person participation from all delegations with Ministerial-level dignitaries. 28 Foreign Ministers (from 18 G20 members, 9 guest countries and AU Chair – Comoros) and 2 Deputy/Vice Foreign Ministers (from Japan and the Republic of Korea) attended the FMM. These Ministerial meetings concluded with substantive outcome documents that fostered consensus on G20’s shared priorities. These include consensus on setting up an expert group on MDB reforms and on debt treatment in the FMCBG, and on multilateral reforms, development cooperation, food and energy security, counter-terrorism, new and emerging threats, global skill mapping and disaster risk reduction in the FMM.

During its Presidency, India is also amplifying the voice and concerns of the Global South and developing countries. The Voice of Global South Summit held in January 2023, chaired by the Prime Minister, was attended by 125 countries, including 18 at the Heads of State/Government level and others at the Ministerial level. Furthermore, during India’s ongoing Presidency, participation from Africa is the highest ever, which includes South Africa (G20 Member), Mauritius, Egypt, Nigeria, AU Chair – Comoros, and AUDA-NEPAD.

Unique experiences showcasing India’s diversity, inclusive traditions and cultural richness are also an integral part of the visiting delegates’ programme. Millet-based dishes have been incorporated into the menu, and a wide range of cultural performances and excursions have been organized. Over 150 cultural events, with the participation of over 7,000 artists, showcasing local and national art forms, have been held. Many Jan Bhagidari activities are also being simultaneously held with active public participation in a whole-of-nation and whole-of-society approach, making India’s G20 Presidency a “People’s G20”. These include the G20 University Connect lecture series, Model G20 meetings, Special G20 sessions in Schools/Universities, G20 Pavilions in major festivals, Quiz contests, Selfie competitions, #G20India stories, and hundreds of other G20-theme events by the civil society and private sector.

Substantive deliberations during India’s ongoing G20 Presidency comprise broad priority areas such as inclusive and resilient growth; progress on SDGs, green development and Lifestyle for Environment (LiFE); technological transformation and public digital infrastructure; reforming multilateral institutions; women-led development; and international peace and harmony.

India’s G20 Presidency, in the build-up to the New Delhi Leaders’ Summit on 9-10 September, has received immense support from G20 Members and guest countries for its inclusive, ambitious, action-oriented and decisive agenda. The wide-ranging, large-scale and enthusiastic participation in India’s G20 meetings is a testimony to the G20 Members and invitees coming together under India’s G20 Presidency to collectively address contemporary global challenges.


Number of Meetings (until 14 April 2023)
Total Working Groups & Ministerial39
Engagement Groups & Initiatives23
Associated, parallel G20 Events35
Venue Data (for meetings until 17 April 2023)
Total number of locations in the calendar60
Number of cities covered so far41
Number of unique excursion venues covered18
Number of states/UTs covered so far28
Summary of Participation till 14 April 2023 (based on delegate registrations)
Total Working Groups & Ministerial4,931
Associated Parallel G20 Events4,263
Engagement Groups & Initiatives3,146
The number of nationalities represented111
Sr. No.MeetingDateCity
11st Sherpa Meeting4-7 DecemberUdaipur
2Accelerating the Implementation of SDGs4 DecemberUdaipur
31st Development Working Group Meeting13-16 DecemberMumbai
4Data for Development13 DecemberMumbai
51st Finance & Central Bank Deputies Meeting13-15 DecemberBengaluru
6Strengthening Multilateral Development Banks to address global challenges of the 21st Century14 DecemberBengaluru
71st Framework Working Group Meeting16-17 DecemberBengaluru
8Macroeconomic implications of food and security16 DecemberBengaluru
91st Joint Health-Finance Task Force Meeting20 DecemberVirtual
101st Meeting for the Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion9-11 JanuaryKolkata
11Digital Innovations for Financial Inclusion9 JanuaryKolkata
12Think 20 Inception Meeting13-14 JanuaryDelhi
131st Infrastructure Working Group Meeting16-17 JanuaryPune
14Financing Cities of Tomorrow16 JanuaryPune
151st Health Working Group Meeting18-20 JanuaryThiruvananthapuram
16Medical Value Tourism19 JanuaryThiruvananthapuram
17B20 Inception Meeting22-24 JanuaryGandhinagar
18Startup20 Inception Meeting28-29 JanuaryHyderabad
19Science20 Inception Meeting30-31 JanuaryPuducherry
201st International Financial Architecture Working Group Meeting30-31 JanuaryChandigarh
21Central Bank Digital Currencies, opportunities and Challenges30 JanuaryChandigarh
221st Education Working Group Meeting31 January-2 FebruaryChennai
23Role of Digital Technology in Education31 JanuaryChennai
241st Sustainable Finance Working Group Meeting2-3 FebruaryGuwahati
25Capacity building of ecosystem of scaling up sustainable finance2 FebruaryGuwahati
261st Employment Working Group Meeting2-4 FebruaryJodhpur
27Exploring Strategies for global skills and qualifications harmonization and developing a framework for common skill taxonomies2 FebruaryJodhpur
281st Energy Transitions Working Group Meeting5-7 FebruaryBengaluru
29Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS)5 FebruaryBengaluru
30Youth 20 Inception Meeting6-8 FebruaryGuwahati
311st Tourism Working Group Meeting7-9 FebruaryRann of Kutch
32Rural Tourism for Community Empowerment & archaeological tourism7 FebruaryRann of Kutch
33RIIG Inception (SERB)8-9 FebruaryKolkata
34Urban 20 Inception Meeting9-10 FebruaryAhmedabad
351st Environment and Climate Sustainability Working Group Meeting9-11 FebruaryBengaluru
36Restoration of Degraded Landscapes with Focus on Mining-Affected Areas9 FebruaryBengaluru
37G20 EMPOWER Inception11-12 FebruaryAgra
381st Agriculture Deputies Meeting13-15 FebruaryIndore
39Stocktaking of G20 Initiatives in Agriculture13 FebruaryIndore
401st Digital Economy Working Group Meeting13-15 FebruaryLucknow
41Digital Public Infrastructure & Digital Initiatives of UP13 FebruaryLucknow
42B20 Event17-18 FebruaryImphal
432nd Finance & Central Bank Deputies Meeting22-23 FebruaryBengaluru
44Policy Perspectives: Road to Policy Consensus on Crypto Assets23 FebruaryBengaluru
451st Culture Working Group Meeting23-25 FebruaryKhajuraho
46Khajuraho Exhibition23 FebruaryKhajuraho
471st Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting24-25 FebruaryBengaluru
48Combating Tax Evasion, Corruption and Money Laundering23 FebruaryBengaluru
49Women 20 Inception Meeting27-28 FebruaryAurangabad
50G20 Foreign Ministers Meeting1-2 MarchDelhi
511st Anti-Corruption Working Group Meeting1-4 MarchGurugram
52Leveraging ICT for combating corruption in Public Sector1 MarchGurugram
53B20 Event2-3 MarchAizawl
54RIIG event (CSIR)2-3 MarchRanchi
552nd Meeting for the Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion6-7 MarchHyderabad
56Knowledge and Experience Exchange for Emerging Economies on advancing financial inclusion through DPI6 MarchHyderabad
57SAI 20 Inception Meeting13-15 MarchGuwahati
58B20 Event15-17 MarchGangtok
592nd Education Working Group Meeting15-17 MarchAmritsar
60Research in Emerging and Disruptive Technologies16 MarchAmritsar
61StartUp20 Side Meeting18-19 MarchGangtok
62Labour 20 Inception Meeting19-20 MarchAmritsar
632nd Joint Health-Finance Task Force Meeting20 MarchVirtual
64Civil20 Inception Meeting20-22 MarchNagpur
652nd Sustainable Finance Working Group Meeting21-23 MarchUdaipur
66Non-pricing policy levers to support sustainable investment21 MarchUdaipur
672nd Framework Working Group Meeting24-25 MarchChennai
68G20-COP28 event on the macroeconomic impact of climate change and transition pathways25 MarchChennai
69RIIG (DBT)24-25 MarchItanagar-
702nd Environment and Climate Sustainability Working Group Meeting27-29 MarchGandhinagar
71Best practices on water resources management27 MarchGandhinagar
721st Trade & Investment Working Group Meeting28-30 MarchMumbai
73Trade finance28 MarchMumbai
742nd Infrastructure Working Group Meeting28-29 MarchVisakhapatnam
75Infrastructure Taxonomies28 MarchVisakhapatnam
761st Chief Science Advisers’ Round Table28-29 MarchRamnagar
772nd Agriculture Deputies Meeting29-31 MarchChandigarh
78AMIS Rapid Response Forum29 MarchChandigarh
792nd Sherpa Meeting30 March-2 AprilKumarakom
80Digital Public Infrastructure & Green Development30 MarchKumarakom
811st Disaster Risk Reduction Working Group Meeting30 March-1 AprilGandhinagar
82Early warning early action
Disaster resilient infrastructure
30 MarchGandhinagar
832nd International Financial Architecture Working Group Meeting30-31 MarchParis
84Strengthening GFSN in a fragmenting world30 MarchParis
852nd Tourism Working Group Meeting1-4 AprilDarjeeling/Siliguri
86Adventure Tourism2 AprilDarjeeling/Siliguri
872nd Energy Transitions Working Group Meeting2-4 AprilGandhinagar
88Global green hydrogen ecosystem2 AprilGandhinagar
892nd Employment Working Group Meeting3-5 AprilGuwahati
90Science 20 event3-4 AprilAgartala
91B20 Event4-6 AprilKohima
92G20 EMPOWER Meeting5-6 AprilThiruvananthapuram
932nd Development Working Group Meeting6-9 AprilKumarakom
94Data for Development, Just Green Transitions & Life6 AprilKumarakom
952nd Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting12-13 AprilWashington DC
96Roadmap for implementing recommendations of G20 independent review of MDBs; Macro financial implications of crypto assets12 AprilWashington DC
97Women 20 Meeting13-14 AprilJaipur
982nd Health Working Group Meeting17-19 AprilGoa
99Space Economy Leaders’ Precursor Meeting17-18 AprilShillong
100Meeting of Agricultural Chief Scientists (MACS)17-19 AprilVaranasi
1012nd Digital Economy Working Group Meeting17-19 AprilHyderabad
102Role of the global tech sector17 AprilHyderabad
103Digital Health18 AprilGoa
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