SCI acquired New and Second hand/Resale ships

Dec 17: As of date, the number and details of the fleet of the Shipping Corporation of India (SCI) are as given in the table below:  

ParticularsNo.Gross TonnageDeadweight Tonnage
Tanker – Crude Oil Carriers13               8,88,180.00             16,40,793.00
Tanker – Product Carriers13               5,05,811.00               8,62,924.74
Tankers – VLCC5               8,12,551.00             15,90,809.00
Gas1                   46,506.00                   53,503.00
Bulk Carriers15           5,75,779.00         10,22,344.00
Liners2                   87,358.00               1,15,598.00
Offshore Supply10                   24,535.00                   25,238.38
Total59         29,40,720.00         53,11,210.12

New and Second hand/Resale ships are acquired by SCIL as per the Annual Plan projections drawn and depending on the existing market scenario & the available business opportunities.

Presently, SCIL is in process of acquiring an Offshore Vessel as per the requirement of one of the Charterers and the deadline for the said procurement is Q2 of 2023-24.

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