India rejects WTO findings on Sugar policies

Dec 14: There would be NO  impact  of WTO Panel’s findings on Sugar on any of India’s existing and ongoing policy measures in sugar sector.

India has initiated  all measures necessary to protect it’s interest and file  an appeal at the WTO against the report, to protect the interests of its farmers.

It may be noted that in 2019, Australia, Brazil and Guatemala had challenged some of India’s policy measures in the sugar sector, at the WTO. They had wrongly claimed that domestic support provided by India to sugarcane producers is in excess of the limit allowed by the WTO and that India provides prohibited export subsidies to sugar mills.

The Panel issued its report on 14 December 2021 in which it has made certain erroneous findings about our schemes to support sugarcane producers and exports.

The findings of the Panel are completely unacceptable to India. The Panel’s findings are unreasoned and not supported by the WTO rules. The Panel has also evaded key issues which it was obliged to determine. Similarly, the Panel’s findings on alleged export subsidies undermines logic and rationale. 

India believes that its measures are consistent with its obligations under the WTO agreements

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