GI-tagged products get visibility at Tribes India AadiMahotsav

Nov 24:

GI products came to a special focus in the ongoing Tribes India Aadi Mahotsav on 19th November, 2021, when Shri BhaskarKhulbe, Advisor to the Prime Minister  visited the Aadi Mahotsav and appreciated the efforts of TRIFED to promote Geographical Indication among tribal products.

GI products occupy a prominent place in this edition of the Aadi Mahotsav, and more than 50 such identified products are displayed in stalls across the venue by the tribals. Many visitors have been visiting these stalls with much interest.Apart from this, 7 new GI tagged products from Uttarakhand consisting ofAipan craft, Tamta product, Ringal craft, Thulma, BhutiyaDaan Carpet, Chyura oil and Munshiyari Rajma, was launched at AadiMahotsav taking the tally of TRIFED promoted tribal GI products to 66.

Shri BhaskarKhulbe, spent time visiting most of the stalls and appreciated the rich tribal products on displayas well as TRIFEDs effort of promoting Geographical Indication among tribal products – be they Van Dhan Naturals and organic products, or tribal handicrafts, and other artistic creations.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri Khulbe remarked, “I am pleased to note that TRIFED has actively taken up the cause to promote GI tagged products and transform into a brand, thus empowering tribal artisans. This Aadi Mahotsav is an excellent way to bring all tribal artisans from across the country in a single place. I urge all Delhi-ites to visit this unique fair.”

The GI products featured at the Tribes India Aadi Mahotsav include renowned, exquisite items such as Rajasthan’s blue pottery, the Kota Dariya fabric, Madhya Pradesh’s Chanderi and Maheshwari silk, Bagh print, Odisha’s Pattachitra, Karnataka’s Bidriware, Banarasi silk from Uttar Pradesh, Darjeeling tea from West Bengal, Kala jeera from Himachal Pradesh, the extremely spicy Naga chilli, and the large cardamom from the North-east.

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