177 tribal products to get GI Tag

Oct 13: The GI initiatve taken up by TRIFED aims at protectingand reviving the traditional mastery thatthe Indian tribal folks possess, in producing some of the most exotic products.TRIFED, through marketing GI tagged productsof tribal origin or source, is working extensively towards realizing the importance of protecting and promoting agricultural, natural or manufactured goods with specific geographical characteristics thereby contributing in preservation ofinvaluable treasures of Incredible India.

The ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ corner in the High Commissions is being set up as part of a global initiative, in collaboration with TRIFED, to promote products that tribal groups across India have been creating for centuries.

TRIFED’s GI intervention and setting up of Atmanirbhar corner in Indian Missions abroad aims at:

1.         To safeguard the interests of the original producers as well as that of the product and ensure that the producer avails optimum cost for their premium goods even in the highly competitive market scenario.

2.         To ensure recognition of indigenous products both in India and global market.  

3.         To revive diminishing art and craft from a Tribal specific geographical location.

At present, TRIFED markets 56 GI tagged products, owing to their tribal origin/involvement, from among the 300+ registered Indian GIs through its well-established network of 141 Tribes India retail outlets and various E-Commerce platforms.It has facilitated authorized user-ship for 94 artisans till date and are persevering to increase the authorized user base to 500 in the near future.

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