Second meeting on India-US Working Group on Education & Skill Development

Feb 28: The 2nd meeting of the India-US Working Group on Education & Skill Development was held virtually today, marking a significant step towards strengthening collaboration between the two nations in the education and skill development sectors. The deliberations held during the meeting laid the groundwork for stronger collaboration between the two nations.

The meeting was co-chaired by Ms. Neeta Prasad, Joint Secretary of International Cooperation, Dept of Higher Education and Mr. Rafael Nevarez, Acting Director of International Affairs from the US Department of Education.

The inaugural meeting of the India-US Working Group on Education & Skill Development was held on 22nd May 2023. Following this four sub-committees were set up to address the following areas:

  1.  Matchmaking between US and Indian HEIs: Facilitates partnerships, student/faculty exchanges, internationalisation on Indian campuses, and inclusivity in higher education.
  2. Engaging with private sector:: Explores private sector involvement in research, workforce training, and funding for education and skill development.
  3. Skilling and vocational education:: Focuses on collaboration, skill certificate recognition & worker mobility opportunities.
  4. Certification and recognition: Aims to ease student mobility by streamlining qualification recognition and exploring university collaboration on curriculum and credit frameworks.

During the meeting held today, members from each sub-committee identified goals with specific objectives to address workforce challenges, foster academic collaboration, and promote mutual learning and development between the two nations. The sub-committee members comprised of government officials, academicians and officials from industry who shared their vision and goals, paving the way for further engagement and action plans.

The meeting successfully concluded with both nations expressing optimism about the future of education and skill development collaboration. The sub-committees will continue to hold discussions in the coming times to further advance joint efforts and foster new avenues for collaboration between our countries.

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