Meeting of Neutral Expert proceedings on Indus Waters Treaty

Sep 22: A delegation from India, led by the Secretary, of the Department of Water Resources, attended a meeting of the Neutral Expert proceedings in the Kishenganga and Ratle matter at the Permanent Court of Arbitration in Vienna on 20 and 21 September 2023. Senior Advocate Shri Harish Salve KC was present in the capacity of India’s Lead Counsel in this matter.

The meeting was convened by the Neutral Expert appointed on India’s request under the aegis of the Indus Waters Treaty and was attended by representatives of India and Pakistan.

India’s participation in this meeting is in line with India’s consistent, principled stand that as per the graded mechanism provided for in the Indus Waters Treaty, the Neutral Expert proceedings are the only valid proceedings at this juncture.

It is for this reason that India has taken the Treaty-consistent decision to not participate in the parallel proceedings being conducted by an illegally constituted Court of Arbitration on the same set of issues pertaining to the Kishenganga and Ratle HEPs.

The Neutral Expert proceedings are ongoing and expected to continue for some time. India is committed to engaging in a manner that supports the resolution of issues in accordance with the provisions of the Indus Waters Treaty.

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