Coal Ministry Organizes programs to promote Eco-friendly Lifestyle

Jun 06: On the occasion of World Environment Day (05th June 2023), the Ministry of Coal and Coal PSUs have organized numerous programs to encourage employees and local communities to embrace sustainable and Eco-Friendly Lifestyles in line with the LiFE activities envisioned by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. The LiFE campaign aims to prioritize individual actions in combating climate change. It encourages people to make small but significant changes in their daily lives, such as reducing plastic consumption, minimizing food waste, energy saving, recycling waste and using public transportation.

The coal Sector under the aegis of the Ministry of Coal has actively undertaken a range of sustainable and environmentally friendly initiatives aligned with LiFE actions. These initiatives include strategic efforts in land amelioration and afforestation, effective management of air quality and noise, emission reduction, gainful utilization of mine water for community purposes, implementation of energy-efficient measures, sustainable utilization of overburden and development of Eco Parks and Mine Tourism.

During the last two weeks over 200 awareness campaigns/programs have been organized by Coal PSUs to promote and adopt LiFE actions in day-to-day life. These programs encompass a wide array of activities such as raising awareness about the 5R principles of Waste Reduction (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair & Recycle), hosting informative discussions on the significance of diverse tree species found in coal regions through the “Know Your Tree” initiative, emphasizing the importance of sustainable food systems, distributing fruit-bearing plants/saplings and eco-friendly jute bags, organizing essay writing competitions on the theme of “Lifestyle for Environment,” promoting creative endeavours like the Best out of Waste Competition, Quiz competition, Extempore Competition, Speech Competition, Cyclathon etc.

Additional activities like conducting plastic waste collection drives within and around office premises to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of Single-Use Plastic on the environment, organizing e-waste collection drives, facilitating pond cleaning activities, and hosting seminars on “Home Composting,” & LiFE Actions were also held.

All senior officers and employees of the Ministry of Coal and Coal PSUs have also administered the pledge dedicated to Mission LiFE.

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