MIB Issues Advisory on the responsibility of Public Service Broadcasting

Feb 01: The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting issued the “Guidelines for Uplinking and Downlinking of Television Channels in India, 2022” on 09.11.2022. The Guidelines, among other things, require private broadcasters to undertake public service broadcasting for 30 minutes every day. In this regard, the Ministry undertook extensive consultations with the private satellite TV channel Broadcasters and their Associations and based on their inputs an “Advisory” has been issued on 30.01.2023.

Through the “Advisory”, the Ministry has clarified that the relevant content embedded in the programmes being telecast can be accounted for Public Service Broadcasting. It is also clarified that the content need not be of 30 minutes at a stretch and could be spread over smaller time slots and requires the broadcaster to submit a monthly report online on the Broadcast Seva Portal. The theme for the broadcasting should comprise the content of national importance and social relevance, including the following, namely

  1. education and spread of literacy;
  2. agriculture and rural development;
  3. health and family welfare;
  4. science and technology;
  5. the welfare of women;
  6. the welfare of the weaker sections of society;
  7. protection of the environment and cultural heritage; and
  8. national integration

The “Advisory” seeks to achieve the objective of Public Service Broadcasting through private satellite TV channels through voluntary compliance and self-certification.

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