Development of the Blue Economy of the Indian Ocean

Dec 14: The Ministry of Earth Sciences has launched the Deep Ocean Mission (DOM). The Deep Ocean Mission is a multi-ministerial, multi-disciplinary program with an emphasis on the development of deep-sea technology that includes the development of a manned Submersible rated for 6000-meter water depth along with technologies for deep-sea mining, exploration of deep-sea mineral resources and marine biodiversity, acquisition of a research vessel for ocean exploration, development of ocean climate change advisory services, deep sea observations, and capacity building in Marine Biology. The activities of the Deep Ocean Mission will help to develop the potential of the blue economy of the Indian Ocean.

The work for the development of the Energy Efficient River Survey Drifter Drone (Autonomous Survey Craft) was awarded by Inland Waterways Authority at a total cost of Rs. 21.94 Lakhs to Indian Maritime University (IMU). An amount of Rs. 14.47 Lakhs has been released to date to Indian Maritime University (IMU).

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