International Workshop on Research Agenda held

Dec 10: CSIR-NIScPR (National Institute of Science Communication & Policy Research) is involved in creating livelihood and foster skill development in rural areas through CSIR technologies. Recent cutting-edge fields are being worked on by various R&D divisions of the lab. Scientometric has been one of the institute’s strongest areas and CSIR-NISTADS (which was one of the laboratory which together with CSIR-NISCAIR merged to became NIScPR) was instrumental in bringing this area as a focus area of research and input to policy making in India. These were the words of Prof. Ranjana Aggarwal, Director, CSIR-NIScPR who was delivering a welcome address in an International Workshop on ‘Research agenda, Social needs and Open science’ organized by CSIR-NIScPR.

Prof. Aggarwal highlighted that CSIR-NIScPR is the largest government organization in the nation that publishes more than 15 journals in a variety of research fields in an open access mode as there is no APC involved for publishing along with popular science magazines publications to bridge the gap between science and society. An online repository National Open Periodicals Repository (NOPR) of CSIR-NIScPR also provides to access of older papers from anywhere in the world. She concluded by emphasizing that CSIR-NIScPR is working towards solving problems under the motto “One Earth, One Family, and One Future.”

The global challenges have called for scientific research to increasingly reshape their agenda to focus more on societal problems. The reshaping can be seen prominently in the STI (Science-Technology-Innovation) policy framing of different countries and funding bodies. Responsible research and innovation, open science, open innovations are some of the key terms of new era that get space in policy articulations of different countries. Innovation System is also paying serious attention to informal, grass root and frugal innovations as they intervene to address unmet societal challenges. Cross-disciplinary interactions across different stakeholders have become important in this environment. The policy interactions need to be more evidence based to reshape the agenda and design pathways for implementation. In this context, an International Workshop on Research Agenda, Social needs and Open Science was organized on 8 December 2022 at CSIR-NIScPR. The conference was addressed by eminent scholars and policy makers from India and abroad.

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