100 Registrations for M2M Service & Connectivity Provider

Oct 14: The Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Ministry of Communications has announced that it received 100 Registrations for M2M Service Provider/ WLAN/ WPAN Connectivity Provider, till today. M2M/IoT communication results in significant operational efficiencies, improved quality of products and services, appropriate and autonomous decision making, cost efficiency and improved ROI besides being capable of unlimited scalability.      

In order to strengthen the M2M/IoT eco-system and to facilitate wider proliferation and innovation in the sector, DoT had issued guidelines for registration of M2M Service Providers and WPAN/WLAN Connectivity Providers. To facilitate the prospective registrants and with a view to aid ease of doing business, DoT commenced the process of on-boarding the M2M Service Providers in March ’22 through a very simple online registration process on its existing Saral Sanchar portal.

This registration would go a long way in addressing issues such as obtaining resources from the authorised telecom licensees, KYC, traceability and encryption for the M2M Service Providers. It may also help M2M Service Providers to boost their business globally, as registration will provide them recognition as a registered entity with Government of India. Moreover, the online registration will create a database which may be used by the Connectivity Providers to manage effective spectrum sharing in unlicensed bands which might help in achieving high QoS. This registration shall also facilitate Government to gather information on the various use cases of M2M/IoT being developed by the M2MSPs and help in adoption of one M2M standards-based deployments in the country.

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