Coal Production Increases by 29% to 66.58 Million Ton in April 2022

May 10:As per the provisional statistics of the Ministry of Coal, the total coal production increased by 29% to 66.58 Million Ton (MT) from 51.62 MT in April 2022 as compared to April 2021. In April 2022, Coal India Ltd. (CIL), Singareni Collieries Company Ltd. (SCCL), and Captive mines/Others registered a growth of 27.64%, 9.59%, and 59.98% by producing 53.47 MT, 5.32 MT and 7.79 MT of coal respectively.

At the same time, coal despatch increased by 8.66% to 71.30 MT from 65.62 MT during April 2022 as compared to April 2020. In April 2022, CIL, SCCL, and Captive/Others registered a growth of 6.01%, 5.53%, and 35.69% by despatching 57.50 MT, 5.74 MT, and 8.06 MT respectively.

Of the top 37 coal-producing mines, 22 have performed more than 100 % and another 10 mines’ production stood between 80 and 100 percent.

The Power utilities coal despatch has gone up by 18.15 % to 61.81 MT during April 2022 as compared to 52.32 MT in April 2020. A fall in import prices of coal has been observed since the end of October last year. However, international prices are still at a high level.

Coal-based power generation has registered a growth of 9.26% last month as compared to April 2021 and a growth of 2.25% as compared to Mar 2022. The overall power generation in April 2022 has been 11.75% higher than the power generated in April 2021 and 2.23% higher than the power generated in Mar 2022. Coal-based power generation in the month of April 2022 has been 102529 MU in comparison to 100276 MU in March 2022 and registered a growth of 2.25 %. Total power generation has also increased in April 2022 to 136565 MU from 133584 MU in March 2022.

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