Coal Production in April 2022 Touches 661.54 Lakh Ton

May 03:During the month of April 2022 India’s total coal production stood at 661.54 lakh tons. While Coal India Ltd (CIL) and its subsidiaries produced 534.7 lakh tons of coal, production by Singareni Colleries Company Ltd (SCCL) stood at 53.23 lakh tons and production from captive mines touched 73.61 lakh tons last month.

As per the provisional statistic of the Ministry of Coal, while the total offtake of the coal sector was 708.68 lakh tons during the month, the power sector offtake touched the figure of 617.2 lakh tons in April. At the same time, offtake to the power sector from Coal India alone stood at 497.39 lakh tons.

Coal India has achieved the highest production of 534.7 lakh tons during April this year indicating 6.02 percent growth. The previous highest ever production was recorded in April 2019 having attained a production of 450.29 Lakh Ton. Similarly, coal offtake touched the figure of 570.55 Lakh tons in April. The previous highest offtake of coal was recorded in  April 2021 with 540.12 lakh tons.

The total coal production during the financial year 2021-22 was 7770.23 lakh Ton (provisional) compared to 7160 lakh tons during 2020-21, recording a growth of 8.55 percent. Coal India Ltd (CIL) production had gone up by 4.43 percent from 5960.24 lakh tons in 2020-21 to 6220.64 lakh tons during fiscal 2021-22.

Singareni Collieries Company Ltd (SCCL) with an increase of 28.55 percent growth produced 650.02 lakh tons during 2021-22 compared to 500.58 lakh tons the previous year. Coal production of captive mines has gone up to 890.57 lakh tons and during 2020-21 the same was only 690.18 lakh tons.

Total coal dispatch during 2021-22 touched the figure of 8180.04 lakh tons against the figure of 6900.71 lakh tons the previous year, an increase of 18.43 percent. During the period, CIL dispatched 6610.85 lakh tons of coal against the 2020-21 figure of 5730.80 lakh tons.


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