PM’s meeting with a group of US think tank experts

Jun 21: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi met experts from several leading US think tanks, today, in New York, USA.

Prime Minister and the experts discussed a range of developmental and geo-political issues.

Prime Minister invited them to enhance their presence in India as it embarks on its transformation during the Amritkaal.

The various think-tank experts who participated in the interaction include

– Mr Michael Froman, President-designate and Distinguished Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), New York
– Mr Daniel Russel, Vice President for International Security and Diplomacy at the Asia Society Policy Institute, New York
– Dr Max Abrahms, Associate Professor of Political Science at Northeastern University, Boston
– Mr Jeff M. Smith, Director, Asian Studies Center, The Heritage Foundation, DC
– Mr Elbridge Colby, Co-founder of ‘The Marathon Initiative’, based in Washington DC
– Mr Guru Sowle, Founder-member, Director (Indo-US Affairs), Indus International Research Foundation, Texas

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