SAI20 Summit Concludes in Goa

Jun 14: The SAI20 Summit of the SAI20 Engagement Group under India’s G20 Presidency concluded today in Goa. Shri Girish Chandra Murmu, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India and the Chair of the Supreme Audit Institutions-20 (SAI20) Engagement Group delivered the concluding remarks.

Shri Girish Chandra Murmu in his valedictory address expressed gratitude to the leaders of SAI20 and their delegates for their presence, the lively discussions and experience sharing, the commitment to the SAI20 mandate and a better world; and most importantly, for the all-pervasive spirit of collaboration and oneness.

Shri Murmu highlighted that collectively, SAIs have chartered a path to heighten efficiency, accountability and transparency in the optimized maturing of the new-age areas of the Blue Economy and Artificial Intelligence. Shri Mumu stated that considerable deliberations amongst SAIs as well as the voices of experts had sensitized all to the multi-layered, cross-cutting nature and impact of the two priority areas, and consequent solution-oriented policy and operational dimensions.

Recognising the well-defined and effective role the SAIs play in good governance, in conjunction with the timeless and essential principle of independence of SAIs, the SAI20 members deliberated according the SAI20 group a distinct, independent, institutional track in the G20 structure.

The SAI20 Summit meeting today focused on the deliberations and adoption of the final draft of the SAI20 Communique. The final SAI20 Communique, an inclusive, decisive, and action-oriented document, was adopted upon consensus by SAI20 member SAIs at the SAI20 summit.

During the meeting, insights on Blue Economy were provided by eminent personalities in this field, who shared their valuable knowledge and experience on the different aspects of the Blue Economy

After the concluding session the Comptroller and Auditor General of India, Shri Murmu addressed a press conference and said that after the two-day meeting here there is a consensus that SAI20 represented an action-oriented forum for the SAIs of G20 countries to collaborate on sharing of best practices, capacity building and development of appropriate auditing guidelines and actionable tool kits for auditing national priorities, which was also reflected in the SAI20 Communique adopted during the Summit.

The two-day meeting of the SAI20 Summit saw the participation of-National and International delegates from G20 member SAIs, viz. Australia, Brazil, Korea, Indonesia, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Turkiye; Guest SAIs, viz. Bangladesh, Egypt, Mauritius, Nigeria, Oman, Spain and UAE; Invited SAIs, viz. Morocco and Poland; International Organization, viz. USAID and World Bank; and Engagement Groups viz. Think20 and Youth20.

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