Innovations for defence excellence (iDEX)

Feb 11: The innovations for Defence Excellence (iDEX) framework was launched by the Government with the aim to foster innovation and technology development in Defence and Aerospace Sector by engaging Industries including MSMEs, start-ups, individual innovators, R&D institutes and academia and promoting self-reliance. The details of iDEX Winners funded by the iDEX scheme up to 31st January 2023 are as follows:

S NoName of iDEX Winner
 AartechSolonics Ltd
 AATWRI Aerospace and DefencePvt Ltd
 Accurate Industrial Controls Pvt Ltd
 Aditya PrecitechPvt Ltd
 Aeron Systems Pvt Ltd
 Ag Flex Technologies Pvt Ltd
 AikairosPvt Ltd.
 Airbotix Technology Pvt Ltd
 Alpha Design Technologies Pvt Ltd
 Altair InfrasecPvt Ltd
 Ancor Research Labs LLP
 Antsys Innovations Pvt Ltd
 Anvation Labs Pvt Ltd
 Apex Plus Technologies
 Apt Software Avenues Pvt Ltd
 Arbudamba Consultancy Pvt Ltd
 Armor Grandeur Pvt Ltd
 Astrome Technologies Pvt Ltd
 Astromeda Space Pvt Ltd
 ATX Systems Pvt Ltd
 Avgarde Systems Pvt Ltd
 BalaAatral Solutions Pvt Ltd
 Big Bang Boom Solutions Pvt Ltd
 Big Cat Wireless Pvt Ltd
 Blurgs Innovations Pvt Ltd
 Brisk Olive Business Solutions Pvt Ltd
 Center for Study of Science Technology and Policy (CSTEP)
 Chipspirit Technologies Pvt Ltd
 Cogknit Semantics Pvt Ltd
 Collaborative Intelligence Pvt Ltd
 Compiler AI Labs Pvt Ltd
 Coratia Technologies Pvt Ltd
 CoreIoT Technologies
 Cormeum Technologies Pvt Ltd
 Crimson Energy Experts Pvt Ltd
 CYRAN AI Solutions Pvt Ltd
 Cyronics Innovation Labs Pvt Ltd
 Dilabs Systems Pvt Ltd
 Dimension NXG Pvt Ltd
 DV2JS Innovation
 Edgeforce Solutions Pvt Ltd
 Elmot Alternators Pvt Ltd
 EON Space Labs LLP
 Exact Space Technologies Pvt Ltd
 EyeROV (IROV Technologies Pvt Ltd)
 FC TecNrgyPvt Ltd
 FleetRFPvt Ltd
 FluturaBuisness Solutions Pvt Ltd
 Geocon Smart Systems Pvt Ltd
 GoFloat Technologies Pvt Ltd
 Gurutvaa Systems Pvt Ltd
 Gyan Data Pvt Ltd
 HW Design Labs OPC Pvt Ltd
 Hyper Stealth Technologies Pvt Ltd
 Inferigence Quotient Pvt Ltd
 Innefu Labs Pvt Ltd
 Innovation Communications Systems Pvt Ltd
 Instron Technologies LLP
 Iotina Technologies Pvt Ltd
 iSenses Incorporation Pvt Ltd
 Kinetix Engineering Solutions Limited
 LaunchtraxPvt Ltd
 Lekha Wireless Solutions Pvt Ltd
 Logic Fruit Technologies Pvt Ltd
 Meander Spectra Pvt Ltd
 MMRFIC Technology Pvt Ltd
 NavyugInfosolutionsPvt Ltd
 NewSpace Research & Technologies Pvt Ltd
 NoPo Nanotechnologies Pvt Ltd
 North Street Cooling Towers Pvt Ltd
 Nyokas Technologies Pvt Ltd
 Okulo Aerospace Pvt Ltd
 Optimized ElectrotechPvt Ltd
 OssusBiorenewablesPvt Ltd
 Oxygen 2 Innovation Pvt Ltd
 Pacify Medical Technologies Pvt Ltd
 Parachute Technologies Pvt Ltd
 Parallax Labs LLP
 Pareto Tree Pvt Ltd
 Planys Technologies Pvt Ltd
 Pushkala Technologies Pvt Ltd
 Puzzles Technologies India Pvt Ltd
 QED Analyticals LLP
 QNU Labs Pvt Ltd
 Radome Technologies and Services Pvt Ltd
 RangeAero Private Limited
 Redleaf Technologies Pvt Ltd
 ResonatingMindzPvt Ltd
 RKN Designs and Solutions Pvt Ltd
 Robosys Automation and Robotics Pvt Ltd
 SagarDefence Engineering Pvt Ltd
 Saif Automations Services LLP
 SairaIoT Solutions Pvt Ltd
 SCI-COM Software India Pvt Ltd
 Seaconvoy Systems Engineering Pvt Ltd
 Securweave Research Labs Pvt Ltd
 SilverstreakTechscapePvt Ltd
 Skylark Labs India Pvt Ltd
 Skyroot Aerospace Pvt ltd
 Spheruler Solutions Pvt Ltd
 SPM India Limited
 Starbru Techsystems Pvt Ltd
 SunluxTechnovationPvt Ltd
 Suryudey Plastic Electronics Pvt Ltd
 Swadeshi EmpresaPvt Ltd
 Syncthreads Computing LLP
 Tardid Technologies Pvt Ltd
 Tatvabodh Technology Pvt Ltd
 Theta Controls Pvt Ltd
 Threye Interactive Pvt Ltd
 Tonbo Imaging India Pvt Ltd
 Torqon Power Drives Pvt Ltd
 Track IT Tech Systems Pvt Ltd
 Tresa Energy Pvt Ltd
 TryCAE Industrial Engineering Pvt Ltd
 TSC Technologies Pvt Ltd
 Varuni Systems Pvt Ltd
 Vashundharaa Geo Technologies Pvt Ltd
 Vayu BhuvanPvt Ltd
 Verdatum AI Pvt Ltd
 Vikra Ocean Tech Pvt Ltd
 Zebu Intelligent Systems Pvt Ltd
 Zeekers Employment Pvt Ltd
 Zeus NumerixPvt Ltd
 ZMotion Autonomous Systems Pvt Ltd

iDEX is a user-driven initiative. The problem statements for the product/technology development are identified/approved by the Armed Forces, DPSUs, and other agencies. Further, the Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade has informed that the Government, with an intent to build a strong ecosystem for nurturing innovation and start-ups in the country, launched the Start-up India initiative on 16th January 2016.

In order to meet the objectives of the initiative, the Government unveiled an Action Plan for Startup India that laid the foundation of Government support, schemes and incentives envisaged to create a vibrant startup ecosystem in the country. The Action Plan comprises 19 action items spanning areas such as “Simplification and handholding”, “Funding support and incentives” and “Industry- academia partnership and incubation”. Sustained Government efforts in this direction have resulted in increasing the number of recognized Startups from 445 in 2016 to 86,713 in 2022 (as on 31st December 2022).

Moreover, in order to encourage the Indian defence Industry in the design & development of Defence equipment, provisions have been made in Chapter –III of ‘Defence Acquisition Procedure’ (DAP-2020) under ‘Make Procedure’. Chapter –III of DAP-2020 also provisions to foster innovation from ‘iDEX’ and ‘Technology Development Fund’ (TDF).

This information was given by Raksha Rajya Mantri Shri Ajay Bhatt in a written reply to Dr Beesetti Venkata Satyavathi and others in Lok Sabha today.

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