Goa emerges best performing among small states in India

Front-runner in social, infrastructure and fiscal categories

In a shot in the arm for the state, Goa is rated as the best performing of small states in India in a ranking of states undertaken by CARE a private credit rating agency.

The State Ranking 2023, study by Care Edge Ratings released on January 11, discloses that, Goa is the front-runner in social, infrastructure, financial inclusion and fiscal categories among 11 small states.

The survey places Goa in the group B (small) category and gives the state an overall score of 62.8 points which is far ahead than the scores achieved by closest rivals Sikkim (49.3) and Himachal Pradesh (48.1 points) respectively. The two states are ranked second and third best small states.

Goa’s high score is on account of its relatively high per capita Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) and higher share of industry and services in the Gross State Value Addition (GSVA), says the study.

It says that, in fiscal performance Goa outperforms other small states due to relatively lower fiscal deficit and debt levels. Goa is also done well in terms of expenditure on health and capital formation, it says.

The survey gives Goa top marks for financial inclusion and reveals that north-eastern states are at the bottom of the ladder by way of access of the local populace to bank credit and number of bank branches.

The ranking gives Goa a score of 88.7% in social indicators due to lowest poverty and infant mortality as well as high income equality. Among north eastern states Sikkim is the highest ranker due to better scores in health, poverty and equality related indicators.

In physical infrastructure also Goa is best. However in governance Goa loses the top spot and slides to sixth rank, according to the survey.

“Goa slipped to the 6th rank due to low ease of doing business score. Uttarakhand topped in governance while even Jharkhand performed better in governance due to its better ease of doing business rank. Northern states of Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh have shown a superior score in the e-service delivery assessment score, while southern states have better court conviction rate,” says the study.

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