PM Gati Shakti NMP forecasts inter-connected transportation

Dec 21: The PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan (NMP) was launched in October 2021 with a vision to enable a mechanism for coordinated planning and to provide a bird’s eye view of planned development to all the Ministries for holistic and integrated development. PM Gati Shakti NMP envisages the creation of a system for inter-connected and multimodal transportation networks leading to integrated economic and infrastructure development, improved trade competitiveness, promotion of exports and employment generation. It envisages establishing integration and synergy amongst different infrastructures sector projects such as National Highways, Railways, Waterways, Telecom, etc., catering to development requirements/ logistic supports of different sectors and industries (e.g. Steel, Power, Fertilizers, Coal, etc.). The NMP will rely on the creation of various data layers including geographical features, land records, etc., to facilitate coordinated and integrated planning, project preparations and implementations, optimization of logistics arrangements and efficient transportation systems.

PM Gati Shakti NMP provides the overall framework for planning, sanctioning and execution of projects. There are no separate funds allocated under PM Gati Shakti NMP. The budget is allocated NH projects-wise, as per project requirements, within the sanctioned project costs. However, the details of projects under Bharatmala & NH(O) in the State of Andhra Pradesh are annexed.   

The Ministry closely monitors various issues that affect project implementation such as land acquisition, encroachment removal, law & order issues, utility shifting, non-availability of soil/aggregate, environment/forest/wildlife clearances, ROB & RUB issues, contractual issues, etc. Regular reviews are held with all stakeholders including State Governments and other Central Ministries/Departments to resolve these issues and ensure the timely completion of projects. Progress of projects is monitored through advanced digital platforms such as Bhoomi Rashi, Project            Monitoring     Information    System           (PMIS)            and     Data    Lake.



  1. Ongoing Projects
Sr. No.Name of ProjectLength (km)Cost(in Cr.)Appointed DateScheduled /Likely Completion DateExpenditure released/incurred ason 25.11.2022(in. Crore)
1Development of the six-lane Aluru Jakuvva section of NH-130CD (Pkg-I)31.7671128.6831.03.202229.03.2024 /29.03.2024112.36
2Development of six-lane Jakuvva – Korlam- section of NH-130CD (Pkg-II)24.30767.7531.03.202229.03.2024 /29.03.2024113.58
3Development of the six-lane Korlam- Kantakpalle section of NH-130CD (Pkg-III)24957.4319.02.202218.02.2024/18.02.2024247.97
4Development of Six lanes Kantakapalle –Sabbavaram Section of NH – 130 CD (Pkg-4)19.56923.9106.10.202204.10.2024/04.10.2024142.86
5Development of 4-Lane road connectivity from existing East Break Waters up to Convent Junction3.44835.7901.04.202231.12.2022 /30.06.20236.44
6Six laning of Anandapuram-Pendurthi-Anakapalli Section of NH-16 on HAM50.780290901.07.202131.12.2022(PCOD Issued) /31.03.20231641.75
74-laning of Achampeta Junction on NH-216 to Kakinada Anchorage Port Connecting Vakalapudi lighthouse13.19890.2013.07.202212.07.2024 /12.07.20240
8Four laning of Khammam – Devarapalle (Gurvaygudem Village to Devarapalle Village) section of NH – 365 BG (Pkg-4)27.43569.3726.09.202226.09.2024/26.09.2024107.89
9Four laning of Khammam – Devarapalle (Recherla village to Gurvaygudem Village) section of NH – 365 BG (Pkg -5)29.46711.9426.09.202226.09.2024/26.09.2024133.83
10Six-laning of the existing 4-lane road from Gundugolanu to Kalaparru Section of NH-16 on EPC mode (Pkg-I)27.40641.9027.01.202030.07.2021/31.01.2023  552.79
11Six laning of Vijayawada bypass from ChinnaAvutupalli Gollapudi of NH-16 (Pkg-III)301321.7918.02.202117.02.2023/17.02.2023  460.17
12Six laning of Vijayawada bypass from Gollapudi to Chinnakakni of NH-16 (Pkg-IV)17.8811194.5707.07.202123.01.2024/04.07.2024  281.94
13Six laning of Chilakaluripet Bypass Section of NH1616.384  907.7928.06.202119.03.2023/19.03.2023  247.95
14Construction of Six Laning of Dedicated Port Road to Krishnapatnam Port (Package -I) on EPC mode18.975348.7220.12.201818.12.2020/20.12.2024118.58
15Development of ELF-1 near Km.1210.000 to Km. 1214.000 on EPC mode4.6079.1306.03.201921.08.2020/28.02.202369.70
16Development of ELF-2 Km.1274+0000 to Km.1277+600 on EPC Mode3.684.0726.12.201931.10.2020/31.05.2023  54.69
Sr. No.Name of ProjectLength (km)Cost(in Cr.)Appointed DateScheduled /Likely completion DateExpenditure released/incurred ason 25.11.2022(in. Crore)
174 or 6 laning of  Tada –Nellore (Permanent restoration of flood-damaged section on EPC Mode3.82134.7613.12.201905.06.2021/28.02.2023  69.02
18Construction of Six Lane Grade Separated Structures along with slip roads at Km 210+780(ITC Junction in Kurnool Town), on NH-44 under EPC3.1791.5504.12.202007.06.2022/31.12.2022  99.53
196L of Renigunta to Naidupeta section of NH-7157.046188931.01.2022  31.01.2024/30.01.2024  322.59
20Four laning of Bangalore – Chennai Expressway (Bethamangala to Byreddypalli (phase-II) section of NE-7(Pkg -1)31.00200710.10.202210.10.2024/10.10.202492.05
21Four laning of Bangalore – Chennai Expressway (Bangarupalem to Gudipala (phase-II) section of NE-7(Pkg -3)29.00106004.10.202204.10.2024/04.10.2024167.05
22Construction of Half Flyover at Vijayawada Airport near Gannavaram on Gundugolanu – VijayawadaSection of NH-16  1.41529.34 —

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