Food Processing Industries mandates to create post-harvest facilities

The Ministry of Food Processing Industries is mandated to create post-harvest infrastructure and processing facilities, inter alia, to boost the overall development of the food processing sector, including reduction of post-harvest losses, enhancement of value addition, etc. The Ministry estimates post-harvest losses in various agriculture commodities through various studies based on primary surveys. Two studies were commissioned by the Ministry through (i) Indian Council of Agricultural Research-Central Institute of Post-Harvest Engineering and Technology (ICAR-CIPHET) titled “Assessment of Quantitative Harvest and Post Harvest Losses of Major Crops and Commodities in India” (2015); and (ii) NABARD Consultancy Service Pvt. Ltd. (NABCONS) titled “Study to Determine Post-Harvest Losses of Agri Produce in India” (2022).

Post-harvest losses of major crops and commodities

CropsCommoditiesLoss (%)
As per ICAR-CIPHET Study (2015)*As per NABCONS study (2022)**
Cereals4.65 – 5.993.89-5.92
Pulses6.39 – 8.415.65-6.74
Oil Seeds3.08 – 9.962.87-7.51
Plantation Crops & Spices1.18-7.891.29-7.33
Fisheries (Inland)5.234.86
Fisheries (Marine)10.528.76
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