INSV Tarini expedition for 50th Cape to Rio Race 2023

Dec 20: INSV Tarini has set sail for an expedition to Cape Town, South Africa, in preparation for participating in the 50th edition of the Cape to Rio Race 2023. This ocean sailing race will be flagged off from Cape Town on January 23 and culminate in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The race is one of the most prestigious Trans-Atlantic ocean races. The expedition is being undertaken by an Indian Navy crew of five officers, including two women officers.

During this expedition, while transiting from Goa to Rio de Janeiro via Cape Town and back, INSV Tarini would be covering a distance of almost 17000 nm (approx. 30000 km). The crew, over a period of 5–6 months in this trans-oceanic voyage, the crew is expected to face extreme weather and rough sea conditions in the Indian, Atlantic, and Southern oceans.

The expedition aims to train the crew onboard in essential seamanship skills, including Navigation, Communication, Technical, Planning, etc. The expedition is an important milestone in the training of the two women officers onboard for undertaking a solo circumnavigation sailing expedition of the globe.

Ocean sailing is an extremely tough adventure sport. These ocean sailing expeditions help to inculcate the spirit of adventure and enhance risk-taking abilities, while also enhancing the Indian Navy’s ability to project its benign presence across the globe. Accordingly, the Indian Navy has been regularly participating in sailing expeditions like Sagar Parikrama, the IONS 10th anniversary, and Bay of Bengal sailing expeditions.

INSV Tarini is known for circumnavigating the globe with an all-women officer crew in the historic expedition titled ‘Navika Sagar Parikrama’ in 2017. In the present expedition, the vessel is being skippered by Capt Atool Sinha with Lt Cdr Ashutosh Sharma, Lt Cdr Dilna K, Lt Cdr Roopa A, and SLt Aviral Keshav as the crew.

During this ongoing expedition, a crew turnaround is planned at Rio de Janeiro for the return leg to India. Post-crew turnaround, Cdr Nikhil P Hegde will be taking over as skipper with Cdr MA Zulfikar, Cdr Divya Purohit, and Cdr Abhishek Doke as crew. Lt Cdr Dilna K and Lt Cdr Roopa A will be on board for both legs of the expedition as they prepare for a solo circumnavigation of the globe by a Woman officer. Under the same training curriculum, these women officers also participated in the recent expedition to Mauritius.

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