60 MSMEs avail benefits under PTUAS

Dec 14: MSMEs have availed the benefit under the erstwhile PTUAS scheme. However, the PTUAS has been incorporated as a sub-scheme under the Scheme – Strengthening of Pharmaceutical Industry (SPI), which was launched in July 2022.

The Strengthening of Pharmaceutical Industry (SPI), with a financial outlay of Rs. 500 crores and with tenure from FY 2021-2022 to FY 2025-26, has the following three components, to provide infrastructure support for pharma MSMEs in clusters and to address the issues of technology upgradation of individual pharma MSMEs:-

  1. Assistance to Pharmaceutical Industry for Common Facilities (API-CF)
  2. Pharmaceutical Technology Upgradation Assistance Scheme (PTUAS
  3. Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices Promotion and Development Scheme (PMPDS)

The sub-scheme PTUAS is aimed to facilitate Micro, Small and Medium Pharma Enterprises (MSMEs) with a proven track record to meet national and international regulatory standards (WHO-GMP or Schedule-M), interest subvention or capital subsidy on their capital loans will be provided, which will further facilitate the growth in volumes as well as in quality and it is envisaged to support about 400 Pharma MSME units under this sub-scheme during the scheme tenure.

PTUAS is a credit-linked scheme and under this, applications are invited from eligible Pharma MSME units since 01.08.2022. For registration of the application, an online portal has been developed by SIDBI, the Project Management Consultant (PMC) of the scheme, and details are available at https://spi.udyamimitra.in. About 60 applications have been registered to date.

Further, one national and 10 State level outreach events were conducted, involving the State Governments and Pharma Industry Associations for maximum outreach and awareness for larger participation by Pharma MSME industries to avail the scheme benefits.

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