BIS License for Bulletproof and Heat resistant jackets

Dec 7: Bureau of Indian Standards felicitated All India First license as per IS 17051:2018 and IS 15748:2022 to two companies at an event recently.

IS 17051:2018 prescribes the minimum performance requirements of bullet resistant jackets for protection against small arms and ammunition. This standard specifies the performance requirements for 6 threat level and can sustain the threat from 7.62 X 39 mm AK 47 with hard steel core bullet and 7.62 X 54 R armour piercer incendiary rounds. IS 15748 specifies performance requirements for protective clothing, which are designed to protect the wearer’s body from heat and/or flame and includes the performance requirements of Heat resistance, Limited flame spread, Dimensional change of textile materials, tensile strength, tear strength etc.

Director General, BIS Shri Pramod Kumar Tiwari emphasized that these standards are expected to ensure availability of quality product and will also assist stakeholders in streamlining their procurement procedure. DDG Certification BIS, Shri H J S Pashricha congratulated licensee for successfully implementing these standards which is importance from the perspective of national security and safety of industrial worker. 

Shri Ashish Kansal, Director of M/s SMPP Pvt. Ltd. during his address emphasized that this Indian standard on Bullet resistant Jacket is far more stringent than the NIJ standard which is being used by our armed forces till now and has been published after due consultation with all stake holders.

Shri Navin Gupta, Director of Star Safety Hub while appreciating the efforts of BIS, highlighted that with the availability of BIS certified product, the user can be assured of maximum protection with best comfort and designs.

The All India First license was felicitated to M/s SMPP Pvt. Ltd., Palwal for Bullet Resistant Jackets as per IS 17051:2018 and to M/s Star Safety Hub, Faridabad for Protective clothing for industrial workers exposed to heat as per IS 15748:2022.

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