India must make quality our brand: Piyush Goyal

Oct 20: Union Minister of Commerce and Industry, Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution and Textiles, Shri Piyush Goyal has said that the world today is looking at India with great confidence. This trust has developed after 8 years of painstakingly building up India’s story. Structural reforms have been the core agenda of the government, helping us to lay the building blocks for the future. He was addressing CII’s 3rd Edition of Exports Summit today.

Shri Goyal noted that India’s billion plus population is the boon for the country as it attracts a lot of companies, brings economies of scale and opportunities for the country. Shri Goyal said India must make quality our brand and must strive to ensure that India is associated with High Quality products. Making quality our brand will truly revolutionize the future of India and the possibilities for our export sector to grow much faster, he added.

The Minister said that Indian Missions abroad have been asked to provide support to our exporters, help them get new opportunities, new business into those countries. He asked them to start engaging with India missions and seek assistance if they face any difficulty.  He said CII acts as a bridge between government and exporters and provides a platform to understand each other better. He urged CII to flag the issues faced by industry and share suggestions with the government to properly address these issues.

Minister appealed to large industry players to support and handhold small players so that they can understand the benefits of Quality control orders and focus on meeting quality requirements. He further added that it is also economically prudent to provide good quality goods and services. Emphasizing that reciprocity is the way forward in international trade, Shri Goyal said India must strive for trade practices with other countries on an equal footing.

Shri Goyal said Industry must draw learnings from phenomenal success achieved by the IT Sector.  He opined that when any sector is allowed to be on their own and succeed based on their competitiveness, the  quality of service improves. This coupled with the Indian ecosystem which includes trust, rule of law, decisive, strong government will help capture larger markets. He said that Industry must not not look for protectionism as it will not help it evolve to be able to meet the requirements of consumers. It must strive to focus on sectors where it has a competitive advantage. With the spirit of grasping the competitive advantage, we will be able to expand our businesses, scale up, and improve quality, he added. 

Shri Goyal referred to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in his 15th august address this year, wherein he articulated his vision of a developed India by 2047 and getting out of the colonial mindset and getting back to our roots, and focussing on our core strength areas, Shri Goyal said we must go ahead with confidence and a spirit of enterprise, must become entrepreneurs, job creators and not job seekers.

Shri Goyal called upon exporters to focus on ‘SPICE’ – sustainability, productivity, innovation, collaboration and excellence. He added that the world is looking at sustainability, productivity in whatever is being produced. He noted that countries successful today are those which focussed on innovation. He urged the industry to imbibe the spirit of competition and yet collaborate with each other, and strive towards excellence.

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