Accounts of the Union GoI (Provisional/Unaudited) for the FY 2021-2022

May 31: The Accounts of the Union Government of India (Provisional/Unaudited) for the Financial Year 2021-22 have been consolidated and reports published. The highlights are given below: –

The Government of India has received ₹22,07,634 crore (101.3% of corresponding RE 21-22 of Total Receipts) during 2021-22 comprising ₹18,20,382 crore Tax Revenue (Net to Centre), ₹3,48,044 crore of Non-Tax Revenue and ₹39,208 crores of Non-Debt Capital Receipts. Non-Debt Capital Receipts consists of Recovery of Loans (₹24,570 crores) and Miscellaneous Capital Receipts (₹14,638 crores). ₹8,81,779 crore has been transferred to State Governments as Devolution of Share of Taxes by the Government of India up to this period which is Rs. 2,86,782 crore higher than the previous year.

Total Expenditure incurred by the Government of India is ₹37,94,171 crore (100.6% of corresponding RE 20-21), out of which ₹32,01,373 crore is in Revenue Account and ₹5,92,798 crore is in Capital Account. Out of the Total Revenue Expenditure, ₹8,05,390 crore is on account of Interest Payments.


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