Telangana can deposit 6.05 LMT of fortified parboiled rice with FCI

May 14:The Centre has allowed the State Govt. of Telangana to deposit a total of 6.05 LMT of fortified parboiled rice with FCI, out of the remaining paddy of KMS 2020-21(Rabi crop) & paddy of KMS 2021-22. The letter in this regard was issued on 11.05.2022, keeping view the request of the state government.

The original milling/ delivery of Customed Milled Rice (CMR) period of KMS 2020-21 (Rabi) in Telangana was up to September 2021.  On the request of the State Govt. of Telangana, this has been extended seventh time up to May 2022 vide GoI letter dated 04.05.2022.

Earlier, the Centre approved a procurement estimate of 40.20 LMT of rice in Telangana during KMS 2021-22 (Rabi Crop) with a procurement period up to June 2022 and milling period up to September 2022. As requested by the State Govt. of Telangana in a letter dated 13.04.2022, the Department of Food & Public Distribution, Govt. of India, in its letter dated 18.04.2022 approved the procurement estimate.

Govt. of India has always supported procurement operations in all States including Telangana. As compared to 15.79 LMT of rice procured during KMS 2015-16 benefitting 5,35,007 farmers with an MSP value of Rs. 3,417.15 Crores, 94.53 LMT of rice was procured in Telangana during KMS 2020-21 benefitting 21,64,354 farmers with an MSP value of Rs. 26,637.39 Crores.

As of 11.05.2022, in the ongoing KMS 2021-22, 72.71 LMT of paddy (48.72 LMT of equivalent rice) has been procured benefitting 11,14,833 farmers with an MSP value of Rs. 14251.59Crores.


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