DoT invites EoI for 5G VEPP initiative

Apr 11:The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has invited Expression of Interest (EoI) for the “5G Vertical Engagement and Partnership Program (VEPP)” initiative to build strong collaborative partnerships across 5G Use-case ecosystem stakeholders with velocity and with an exclusive emphasis to address User/Vertical Industry needs.

In order to multiply the 5G opportunities across the usage verticals, under the guidance of the Secretary (Telecom), an Inter-Ministerial Committee chaired by Member (Technology), the Digital Communications Commission is constituted with representatives from the Ministry of Electronics and IT, Department of Science and Technology & relevant Vertical Ministries viz.  Agriculture, Health, Urban Affairs, Education, Power, Mines, Jalshakthi, Commerce, Ports, Railways, Heavy Industries, Road Transport, Tourism, etc. to facilitate collaborative efforts across stakeholders.

            “5G Vertical Engagement and Partnership Program” is being offered to Industry verticals that have potential as testing cum breeding grounds for innovative 5G use cases, through an Expression of Interest (EoI) to enable close collaboration between User verticals and 5G Tech stakeholders (Service providers, Solution providers & partner OEMs), which can trigger a multiplier effect to try & finetune 5G digital solutions in respective economic verticals.

Stakeholders who can Apply:

S.NoCategory TypeBrief description & examples
1User/Vertical Industries(Private & Public)●  Individual Vertical Enterprise user /Group of Enterprises (Multiple verticals)Eg: Logistic Hubs, Factories, Agri Institutions, Power Utility Companies, Hospitals, Mining Agencies, Educational / Skill Development Institutions, Banks/Banking institutions, CoEs, Malls/Recreation centers/Retail stores, Tourism & cultural centers, Hotels, Ports, Airports, Stadiums, Manufacturing Units, etc.
2Service providers● Telecom Service Providers (TSPs)● M2M service providers etc.
3Solution Providers/System Integrators (SIs)● End to End Use case providers (including OEMs)● System Integrators 
4Solution Partners/ /Devices, Sensors, Equipment Vendors (OEMs)●  Any Start-up/MSME/industry which has demonstrable use cases●  Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in Network Domain●  OEMs in CPEs/Devices/Instruments/Sensors/Smart Machinery & Meters/ Devices/robots/Drones (BLVOS)etc. in all user verticals viz. Medical, Power, Smart Metering, IoT, Mining, etc.

In order to give a fillip to the 5G use case development program, the DoT in partnership with other Ministries & State Government Departments, Startup Hubs, would facilitate necessary approvals/ regulatory clearances to enable Use case prototyping/pilots/Demos/ trials at the User or Vertical industry premises. Required experimental spectrum would also be facilitated on a priority basis.  

Roles of Stakeholders under 5G Vertical Engagement and Partnership Program (VEPP)- Access to New Opportunities and Facilitation in Untapped 5G Ecosystem 

1.      Role of the VEPP Partner

  1. Identify Single Point of Contact (SPoC)
  2. Ideate and collaborate with other ecosystem players for relevant 5G use cases
  3. Facilitate access to relevant premises/campus/infra/data for use-case piloting and prototyping to address prevalent problems and also performance efficiencies.
  4. Hold vertical-specific Hackathons to encourage digital innovations from new innovators apart from existing partners
  5. Other actions may be necessary to support the 5G ecosystem 

2.      Facilitation from DoT

  1. Non-exclusive access to 5G Tech Ecosystem (Telecom Service Providers, Solution providers, Solution partners/Device & Equipment vendors) to enable partnerships.
  2. Conduct awareness sessions on 5G opportunities in the respective vertical at NTIPRIT.
  3. Facilitate –

a.       Experimental Spectrum

b.      Access to Academia testbed and engagement with academia

c.       Virtual / emulated 5G test infra at the premises of interest for the end-user (as may be necessary and available)

d.      Use cases for live demonstration in Telecom Public Networks

e.       Engagement with vertical Ministries for necessary enabling regulatory policies and pilots as feasible

f.        Use case Standardization & Interoperability with the support of TEC & C-DOT 

3.      Role of Tech Stakeholders

Service providers, Solution providers, Solution Partners, and Device & Equipment OEMs would work in unison to develop, prototype, pilot, and deploy Use cases as per the needs of the Vertical User requirements which would potentially accelerate the 5G commercial deployment and adoption by enterprises.

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