Foreign Relations

India-Botswana Virtual Summit

Virtual interaction between Minister of State for External Affairs & Dr. Lemogang Kwape, Minister of International Affairs and Cooperation, Botswana was held today on Trade and bilateral cooperation […]

Agriculture & Commodities

Edible Oils see 20% decline in cost

dible oil prices in India are showing a declining trend across a wide array of oils.As per the data from Department of Consumer Affairs, over the past month, the prices of edible oils are now coming down. In some cases, the decline is by as much as nearly 20 % […]

Foreign Relations

India-Kyrgyzstan hold office consultations

The 11th round of Foreign Office Consultations between India and the Kyrgyz Republic was held between Shri Vikas Swarup, Secretary (West) and H.E. Mr. Nuran Niyazaliev, First Deputy Foreign Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic. […]

Corona Virus

3D-printed Masks Coated with Anti-Viral Agents

The project received financial support from TDB as part of its search for novel solutions to fight COVID-19, in May 2020. Following this, an agreement was signed on 8th July, 2020 for developing the masks. The 2016-incorporated firm claims that these cost-effective masks are more effective in checking the spread of COVID-19, in comparison with ordinary N-95, 3-ply and cloth masks.

Addressing the Need for High Quality More Effective Masks

Thincr Technologies India works in development of Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D-printers to discover new pharmaceutical formulations and drug-loaded filaments of different drugs. Founder Director Dr. Shitalkumar Zambad explains: “We started thinking of the problem and possible solutions, during the initial days of the pandemic. We sensed that use of face masks will become nearly universal as the most important tool to prevent infection. But we realized that most masks which were then available and within the reach of common people were homemade and of relatively low quality. It is this need for high-quality masks which led us to undertake a project to develop and commercialize cost-effective and more efficient virucidal coated masks, as a better approach to reduce the spread of infection”. […]