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India, officially known as Republic of India is a Sub Continent in the Southern Region of Asia. It is the second most populous country and event largest in the world. The country is considered as one of the oldest living civilizations and has been subjected to numerous wars and in more than 3000 years. The country was also ruled by the British for over 200 years and is part of the Common Wealth of Nations. India is the second most populous country in the world and event largest in the world. It is also considered as the Largest Democratic country of the world.

India is considered as a country with open arms as historically it never considered colonization as its goal and always has been taking an Non aligned, neutral stands in the near future. India also has been a supporting country to its neighbours and to those who have been seeking support, aid and guidance

Country Facts


Basic Details
Capital CityNew Delhi
Government TypeDemocratic Republic
Official Languages
CurrencyIndian Rupee, INR
Phone Code +91
Important CitiesMumbai,Chennai, Kolkata,Bengaluru,Hyderabad,Pune,Kochi
National Day15 August 1947
GDP (nominal)USD 3732 Billion
Ease of Doing Business Ranking63 (Easy)
Primary IndustriesAll kinds of Manufacturing, Services
Foreign Relations
Bordering NationsPakistan,China,Nepal,Bhutan,Bangladesh,Myanmar,Sri Lanka,Maldives
Member of(BRICS), United Nations(UN), South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation(SAARC), (COMMONWEALTH), Group of 15(G15), Group of 20(G20), Association of Southeast Asian Nations(ASEAN), Shanghai Cooperation Organisation(SCO), ( BIMSTEC)
Major ExportsMineral fuels, Cultured Pearls and Processed Precious Metals, Pharmaceutical Products, Electrical Machinery, Apparel & Clothing products, Plastics, Cereals & Pulses, Agricultural Products, Cotton, Sea Food-Vegetables-Fruits-Meat, Tanning & Leather, Coffee-Tea-Spices, Rubber
Major ImportsOil-Natural Gas-Petroleum Products, Pearls & Precious Metals, Electrical & Electronics Machinery, Manufacturing Products, Organic & In-Organic Chemicals, Plastics, Iron & Steel, Edible Oils & Fats, Fruits & Nuts, Vehicles-Ships-Aircrafts & Components, Fertilizers
Total Exports ValueUSD 770 Billion
Total Imports ValueUSD 892 Billion
Foreign Trade BalanceUSD 122 Billion (Deficit)
Foreign Relations with India
Trade Agreements with India
Major Exports to IndiaN/A
Major Imports from IndiaN/A
India's Imports ValueN/A
India's Exports ValueN/A
Trade Balance with IndiaUSD 0 Million (Excess)
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