The concept of INDIA TIES is derived as an Abbreviation for promoting Technology (T), Investments (I), Exports (E) and Services (S) offered by businesses in both India and other countries. We plan to use this as a system to increase awareness about doing business in the international arena

Supported by Navaties Solutions Private Limited, we have always believed that we have the power of influence to educate and motivate businesses to look beyond the borders of their countries and do business in the international markets. Hence we have the experience and the access to various activities that generally not available to any normal business We have people who have good exposure in the industry and have had time tested experience in the market. Our Group of Well Qualified Experts, Former Bureaucrats and Seasoned Consultants can facilitate every requirement with ease.

IndiaTIES works in 2 formats

Sensitization Activities

  1. To Sensitize about International Trade between India and the World
  2. To conduct Workshops locally in collaboration with the Consulates, Embassies and International Chambers to generate more awareness about doing business in each country
  3. To Organize or Participate in Meets, Delegations, Programmes, Summits, etc., to help businesses find buyers or collaborators that increase international trade

Business Support Activities

  1. To support businesses who wish to Import/Export commodities and services
  2. To Provide Business Consulting, Marketing Consulting, Transaction Consulting and Technology Consulting for businesses who wish to expand globally
  3. To work closely with the Consulates, Government Bodies and Trade bodies and render support for any Business looking to establish their presence in India

Our Advantage

By being part of the IndiaTIES system, you get

  1. Direct access to various trade bodies, international trade bodies, international chambers, foreign consulates and embassies, Indian High commissions in other countries
  2. Access to local trade bodies, associations, government departments, etc., help us to identify and generate opportunities for the businesses.
  3. Access to various programs and activities at no cost or at special discounts not available to the general public
  4. Access to various subsidies, schemes, loans, and other financial instruments available for exports
  5. Access to various international opportunities
  6. Advisory in executing activities at the least possible cost
  7. Best Vendor Solutions at better rates